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FREQUENCY: The Power of Personal Vibration

Every chapter in Frequency is peppered with useful exercises you can do to experience your own energy and the dynamics of your personal vibration. The exercises are designed to help you understand — and apply — the content of each chapter. Today just getting an intellectual understanding of an idea isn't enough — we must integrate the understanding all the way down to our cells!

Experience a Few Exercises from Frequency

1. Sit comfortably, palms on your thighs, head level, breathing evenly. Bring your attention fully into the present moment and inside your skin.
2. Imagine you are in a glass elevator resting at ground level, and through the door you can see a large number 1 on the wall. This is your normal, everyday reality.
3. Notice that this elevator has the ability to go to floors 1 through 9. You are going to move through the various levels and come to one you'd like to experience.
4. Close your eyes and count very slowly in your mind, noticing any attraction, no matter how mild, to a particular number: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9, and back: 9 - 8 - 7- 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1, then back up again. See if you can sense the different vibrations as you move through the numbers. Finally you will be drawn intuitively to a particular number. The elevator will come to rest at that level. As the elevator door opens, step out.
5. There is a new world here, resonating to the number you've chosen. Feel the vibration and let yourself adjust to it. This is a frequency you need for your body, emotions, or mind, and it contains a particular kind of energy and wisdom, and can facilitate abilities and skills you may need. Wander around; what do you see, hear, smell, or feel? What emotions and feelings are triggered? Absorb deeply. What thoughts and topics do you start thinking about? Do insights come to mind about something you need to do?
6. A guide now comes to greet you. The guide is a spokesperson for this level and he or she will begin a dialogue with you, giving you information and advice you need. In your imagination, let the information flow. If you want to write using the direct writing technique described in To the Reader, continue to stay focused and gently begin writing whatever guidance comes to mind.
7. When you have received enough, thank the guide and step back on the elevator. You may either go to another level and repeat the process there, or return to your normal waking consciousness at level 1, feeling the steps in vibration as you go.
Write about what the following subtle sensations feel like, or how and where you recognize these things in your body:
• How do you feel when something is trying to make itself known to you?
• How do you feel when you override an intuition?
• How do you feel when you shift from a personal view to a collective world view?
• How do you feel when something's about to go wrong?
• How do you feel when something's about to go very right?
• How do you feel when you're picking up information from another person's body?
• How do you feel when you recognize something as "a sign" or symbol of something?
• How do you feel when you're receiving a wave of energy that contains data?
1. Pick an object. Place your attention on it. Keep your awareness open to any impressions from it. Grant it life and let yourself be curious to get to know it, as you might a new best friend. Begin with your sense of sight, and examine its looks. Then shift to your sense of touch and, without actually touching the object, expand your light body beyond your physical body, letting it be a field of malleable energy, and let part of it move like a cloud toward the object, enveloping it. Imagine your eyes are in the cloud. Imagine getting up very close, almost at the molecular level, so your particles of light can move into the object's particles of light. Your point of view is right down there next to the matter of the object.
2. Flow into it with your energy and awareness. Greet the consciousness of the object and ask if it's OK to share its space for awhile and get to know it. As you merge with it, sensations, impressions, and insights will be transmitted instantly into your body and mind. Stay relaxed and curious. You may receive impressions about the object's history, lifespan, potential, symbolic meaning, structural strength and weakness, and needs.
3. Make mental notes. Radiate a vibration of appreciation and love into the object, expressing gratitude for its existence. Then pull out, come back fully into your body and review what you've noticed and learned.
Bringing the following categories of experiences into your awareness can help you be more consciously sensitive to what you're feeling.
1. List the things that "push your buttons," things that can get a rise out of you.
2. List things that scare you at a deep level and produce anxiety.
3. List things you want to learn that you might find embodied in other people.
4. List things that other people notice or feel that you seem insensitive to.
5. List ways you associate your five senses with feelings of pleasure and beauty.
6. Write about how early you notice tension, pain, or minor illness in your body.
7. What are you sensitive to in the environment (light, dampness, color, foods, ugliness, temperature, noise, altitude, etc.)?
8. Write about how you could notice nonverbal information from the environment at an earlier stage.
9. What are your most dominant senses? Which ones would you like to develop more?

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